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I resolve not to resolve anything

December 31, 2007

2007 will be in the books in roughly 10 and a half hours, give or take.

Every year at this time, people make resolutions for the coming year. Things like “I will quit smoking”. “I will lose weight”. “I will quit gambling”. Betcha 10 bucks you don’t keep THAT one. Or even the wonderfully vague “I will be a better person”. And then usually by about January 7th or so, 98% of those resolutions have been broken.

Why bother?

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. They’re pointless, nearly impossible to keep, and a waste of time. Why wait until January 1st to “promise” yourself that you’ll start doing something you should be doing anyway, or that you’ll quit doing something you should have quit a long time ago?

All I really want to do is try to be a better father and husband, and I don’t need some ridiculous pretense to tell me that. That’s something I have to work at every day, and frankly, I won’t (and shouldn’t) ever stop trying.  It’s not like at the stroke of midnight tonight, I’ll just magically become this perfect soul simply because I made some cheesy resolution. So do yourselves a favor: don’t make any outrageous promises you likely won’t keep. Just try every day to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Setting yourself up to fail by setting the bar way too high makes no sense.

I hope everyone out there has a very happy, prosperous, and safe 2008. And if you are going to make resolutions, best of luck to you. [snicker]  Just be realistic.

See you next year.

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