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“Nobody’s Perfect”

January 3, 2008

Miley CyrusIan watches the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana. A lot. Dawn and her sister Denise even took Ian and his cousin Maggie to see the Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers concert in October at the Kiel Center in St. Louis. Whatever the hell that place is called now. Suffice it to say, I’m pretty sure Ian has a bit of a seven-year-old chubby for Miley Cyrus and/or Hannah Montana.

Some photos taken on a digital camera or camera phone at a sleepover got leaked to the internets, and now Miley Cyrus finds herself in a bit of a pickle. The “worst” of the photos, which I am not going to bother to post here or even link to (if you want to see them badly enough, go find them), show Miley and a friend sharing a piece of candy. Miley has her lips around one end and the other girl has the other end between her teeth. Their mouths are fairly close together, so now it’s all over the “news” that Miley is a lesbian and her career with Disney is over.

Folks, first of all, Miley Cyrus’ career with Disney is nowhere close to being “over”. They held on to Vanessa Hudgens after her little leaked nudie picture “transgression” (NUDIE, folks- not the naked-but-strategically-covered kind- she was butt-ass nekked), which, in my eyes, was FAR worse than this non-issue of Miley’s. Hannah Montana is the biggest thing going right now- I’d say it’s right up there with the High School Musical phenomenon (ba-deeee, ba-dee-dee) as far as Disney meal tickets go- they’re not going to chop that arm off over something like this.

More importantly- no, most importantly- is keeping perspective about this whole thing. Miley Cyrus is guilty of nothing more than bad judgment. Not so much bad judgment in what she did, not so much bad judgment in the fact that the pictures hit the internets, but more bad judgment in her choice of friends. It was obviously someone close to her that leaked the pictures- someone at least close enough to have been there. Whether it was one of the “friends” themselves (or a parent or friend of the “friend”) trying to smear Miley or get a little lettuce out of her, or whomever it was, someone used her, plain and simple. Huge lesson learned for the 15-year-old who, by all accounts I’ve heard, is one of the few child-slash-teen stars that actually has her head on straight, and actually has parents that are worth two shits. She just needs to choose different friends, and understand what being in the position she is in entails. Again, I’d say major lesson learned.

Secondly, are the photos really that bad, in comparison to certain other teen idolettes? She’s 15. That’s how 15-year-old girls act. These pictures don’t make her a lesbian. I don’t think they’re even moderately suggestive. A tad inappropriate- again, not from the standpoint of what she was doing in them but more considering her position- but not suggestive. Whoever calls them suggestive, in my mind, is looking for it and, quite frankly, borders on being a pedophile.

Next, let’s say- just for shits and giggles- that Miley Cyrus actually IS a lesbian. So what? Does it really affect my kids? Or yours? Or anyone else’s? People I know call me a goody two-shoes or a “see the world with blinders on” kind of person, but even I would be fine with it. I can hear all the uppities out there now: “what about the impression that makes on my daughter? Miley Cyrus is a ‘role model’!” You want to talk about “role models” and fallen Disney princesses specifically? What about Lindsay Lohan? She was the Disney Kid there for a while in the late 90’s and early 00’s, and then she discovered cocaine. What about white-trash Britney Spears and her little white-trash barefoot and pregnant at 16 sister and their white-trash mother that has been whoring them both out for years? Yeah, they’re someone you want your children to emulate. And when it boils right down to it, what about HSM star Vanessa Hugdens? As alluded to earlier, her scandal involved actual nude photos, not some perceived and, quite frankly, prefabricated “lesbian activity”. Even Disney didn’t dismiss Vanessa Hudgens- she’s already lined up for HSM3. Holy crap, when I first heard of the “Miley’s a lesbian- we have photos” story on TV, I feared the worst- that there were actual… um… “action” shots of her. Even then, it’s still nothing more than bad choice of friends, and a trust issue. Then when I checked it out and realized what it was, I thought, you have GOT to be kidding me.

Bottom line, moms and dads- it’s not Miley’s, Hannah‘s, Vanessa’s, Lindsay’s, Britney’s, or anyone else’s job to be a role model for your kids. It’s YOURS. Raise your kids to behave the way you want them to behave; don’t leave it to some TV star or athlete, or you’ll wind up with a whole lot of trouble on your hands. Celebrities are NOT role models unless parents allow them to be. I will, to my dying day, defend that statement to anyone as being fact. ANYONE. Bring it.

This is in no way going to affect my opinion of Miley Cyrus or Ian’s ability to watch Hannah Montana. First of all, he’s only 7- he’s a bit young to really comprehend it fully. If he finds out about it and asks, I’ll tell him the truth. I’ve always been completely frank and honest with my kids, mainly because I want them to be with me, especially when they get older. I’m expecting the Santa Claus talk with Ian any time now. He’s been acting like he’s figured out that whole deal.

More than anything, I feel bad for Miley Cyrus. She seems to be a really good kid who made a slight error in judgment and a bad choice in “friends”. I’m pretty confident she’ll bounce back from this with no visible scars (that’s a metaphor, folks). Hang in there, Miley!

(NOTE: The title of this post is the name of a Hannah Montana song… I felt it was quite appropriate.)

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  1. SpringfieldZebra permalink
    January 17, 2008 5:40 pm

    Hey, Juan,

    This is good enough to have been posted on Johann’s Blog site.

  2. Johann permalink
    January 17, 2008 6:23 pm

    Hey thanks!! Hadn’t really thought about putting it there.


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