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Meet the family

January 19, 2008

Thought I’d finally put up a couple pictures of everyone.

Here’s Dawn, my lovely bride of nearly 10 years. This was taken in early November before her cousin’s wedding. Kind of makes you wonder how drunk she must have gotten so many years back to get stuck with me for the rest of her life, doesn’t it?


Personally, I much prefer her hair longer and blonder (her real color), as it was when we met. But then, she’s not much on the crew cut I’ve been sporting these last couple years either, so I guess I don’t have the right to bitch. But I’m still going to: let your hair grow back out long and blonde like it’s supposed to be, Honey!

This is a picture of Adam and me, taken in the McDonald’s in Oakwood, just off I-74 before you get to Danville heading east from Champaign. It was taken as we were on the way to Indiana on our little weekender mentioned here.


And here’s Ian, taken at the same McDonald’s; coincidentally, on the same trip. Not the best picture of him by a longshot, but it was one of the better of the ones to which I currently have immediate access.


I am SO grateful my kids look like their mother. Or at least the mailman.

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