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Four more years

January 22, 2008

Yadier Molina The SJ-R reports today that the St. Louis Cardinals agreed to a four-year, $15.5 million dollar deal with catcher Yadier Molina.

This is outstanding news for Molina, for the Cardinals organization, for the Cardinal fans, and for me, being a Cardinal fan–especially considering “Yadi” is my 2nd favorite player on the team (naturally, AP5 is #1).

How can you not like this guy? He’s not exactly an offensive weapon like Albert Pujols and… um… well, okay, like Albert Pujols is, but the guy often gets big hits in very clutch situations. He was a very unlikely hero in one of the World Series games in 2006 when the Cardinals won it all over a very, VERY good Detroit Tigers team. Regardless of what anyone (and apparently everyone) said, I thought it was a great series to watch, and not just because “my” team was in it and eventually won it. Personally, I think ESPN talked up the national {dis}interest in that series so much simply because neither their precious Yankees nor Red Sox were in it, but I digress. I don’t want to start soapboxing on this blog.

At least not too much.

Anyway, speaking of soapboxing, I have a lot of opinions on athletes making these ungodly salaries for playing a child’s game, but since that appears to be “market value” these days, then it’s good to see Molina start to get compensated a little better now. The guy is a defensive stud. Short of maybe Pudge Rodriguez, who is getting pretty “old” for a ballplayer, Yadi is hands down the best defensive catcher in the majors. Bar none. How he has yet to win a Gold Glove is beyond me. Dawn is a Cub fan (yes, we’re a “mixed” marriage!) and when she saw one of Yadi’s trademark snap pickoff throws to first in the 2006 playoffs (completely needless to say, he nailed the guy), even she was impressed. And she’s not easily impressed by anything, especially in the sports world.

I don’t know how the 2008 season will go for the Cardinals, with the loss of Hollywood (a move about which I’m adamantly indifferent), the Rolen-Glaus trade, and their still-suspect pitching rotation, among other things, but if absolutely nothing else, they’re going to have my two favorite players there for me to watch for at least a couple more years each still.

Go Redbirds!!

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