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Graffiti verse book and pen set sold separately

January 25, 2008

Today we received a potentially invaluable tool to use in our ongoing quest to potty-train Adam.

toddler urinal

It’s called the Peter Potty® Toddler Urinal. If you’re interested, Google it. They’re not paying me for this endorsement, so I’m not sending them potential customers that easily. (Any Peter Potty® people that may be reading this, contact me and we can talk.)

Adam has not yet expressed a whole lot of interest in potty training. He’s gone in the toilet quite a few times, don’t get me wrong, but it’s basically a matter of his not wanting to be bothered in his busy household devastation schedule to stop and sit on the toilet.

The last couple weeks, however, he has seemed to develop an inkling to want to stand to pee, like he sees his big brother do, so we’ve tried that with him on a few occasions, and he’s actually done it a couple times. Granted, “as all men do” (I’m not getting into that, ladies, so give it a rest!), he’s missed on several occasions, but right now, it’s more about the performance itself than the quality thereof. So a week or so ago, we decided to order this thing after seeing it in a One Step Ahead catalog. We figured, hey, if it helps accelerate things, why not?

The thing’s actually pretty cool. It’s got a little tank on top that you fill up with water, and then when the kid pees, he can “flush” it by pushing the button on top and it washes it down into the tank underneath. There’s a valve on the bottom of the clean-water reservoir that empties water into the urinal. Of course, if you hold the button down, water will keep draining from the tank until either you release the button or the tank drains, so we have to kind of control Adam’s desire to flush repeatedly and/or continually. Naturally, the “waste” tank has to be emptied regularly, unless you like urine all over the floor, and the urinal itself will need cleaned, but again, especially if it helps keep his heinously expensive drawers dry longer, that’s a very small price to pay. Also, it’s wall mountable, or you can use the adjustable floor stand. We’re using the floor stand–I don’t see any need at this point to mount the damn thing on the wall just because we can.

The big obstacle I see right now is keeping Ian from using it just because it’s there. (I’m relegated to peeing outside with the dog, in case you’re wondering.) At any rate, hopefully, this thing will prove to make him much more willing to be a stand-up guy.

Pardon the really bad joke.

Now pooping… that’s a whole other problem. I have no idea how to skin that cat.

Incidentally, the very first time Adam ever peed into the toilet, we did the requisite exaggerated “wooo-hoooooo” thing and cheered and clapped and all that jazz. Adam’s response?

“My penis works! It’s so happy!”

I was never more proud to hear toilet talk from my kids’ mouths. The only one better than that was when Ian was about 3 or so, and he and I were in the food court at White Oaks having lunch, when just completely out of the blue, he says, “Daddy, I have a little penis and you have a big penis.” There was a woman sitting at the next table who heard this statement and turns and locks eyes with me with quite the curious look on her face.

I just grinned and winked at the woman and went back to my double cheeseburger. Ian could not have been more wrong on either count (that friggin’ kid has to tuck it in his sock- he sure as hell didn’t inherit that trait from me!), but hey- who am I to stifle my son’s imagination?

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  1. plking permalink
    January 26, 2008 9:57 am

    will you have to take the potty with you to get Adam to pee.

  2. Johann permalink
    January 26, 2008 10:00 am

    That’s always possible, I suppose. I think, when we’re out and about, it’ll more be a matter of just having to hold him, but I have to do that half the time now, so that’s not really that big an issue.

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