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Birthday recap

March 13, 2008

So Adam’s 3rd birthday was the other day. I think it was a success. He got a bunch of presents, including the Little Einsteins Rocket, some spring-summer clothes, a Fisher-Price RC Jeep, the movie “Finding Nemo”, some Nerf mini-balls, a Spongebob Smudgepants playground ball, and this so-ugly-it’s-cute little monster bowling set.

Of course, there was someone there who felt they had to be a smart ass…

Daddy thinks he’s in charge

I mean, the shirt is ridiculous. I know for a FACT that I’m not in charge. In a household of four people, I’m realistically probably 7th in line of “who’s in charge”. I just don’t feel the need to advertise it, that’s all. 🙂

The big finale for the presents round was when Dawn brought up our “big” gift to him.


It was too cool- she put it on the floor and when he turned around and saw it, he said, “sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!“. I about cracked up. But I think the tricycle was a big hit. He’s been riding it all over the house since Sunday, and now that the weather is starting to {at least temporarily} warm up a tad, we can go outside and I can maybe lower my cabin fever a little.

Anyway, we had cake and ice cream, the kids drank soda, some of us had beer, some of us had wine, some had foo-foo rum drinks, and it was a good time.

(Thanks to my dad for the pictures.)

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  1. March 13, 2008 9:02 am

    Nice ride! Happy birthday little guy!

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