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Late-evening visitors

May 25, 2008

We had ourselves a couple visitors last night.

It’s about 9:45pm or so (maybe a tad later), Dawn and I are getting ready for bed, and we both hear this barely audible “tap-tap-tap-tap”.  She said aloud what I was thinking:  “I could swear someone just knocked on the front door.”  So I look out Ian’s window to see if I could tell who it was, if it actually was anyone, and all I could see was this white car, mostly obscured by the leaves of the maple tree next to which it was parked.

Then the doorbell rings.

So I quickly throw on some clothes (with any luck, they were mine…) and go answer the door.  I open the door up to see two of Springfield’s finest standing there.  The one officer explained that they’d gotten several calls about kids running around the neighborhood and going into people’s garages, and suggested I close mine.  I had obviously left the door up when we came back from our little Henson Robinson Zoo/Steak and Shake/White Oaks Mall excursion with Adam yesterday.  So I thanked them, went and closed the garage door (and did a quick inventory of bicycles, gas cans, etc.), and went back upstairs.  About 10-15 minutes later I went back into Ian’s room and looked out the window and the squad car was just then pulling away, which I thought was rather… I dunno… interesting.

It’s a tad unnerving to answer the door at 10:00pm and see the Popo staring back at you.

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