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Sliding and… well… sliding

May 30, 2008

Yesterday was a long, LONG day for me.

The alarm went off at 6:10- anyone who knows me knows I am anything but cheerful that early- because I was going on a trip to the City Museum in St. Louis. Not the family, not the kids, just me. Well, okay, not really just me- me and about 35 other people.

My sister-in-law Kathy is a teacher at Jefferson, and also the leader of the Beta Club, which is kind of like their honors society. Anyhooze, as a kind of “attaboy/attagirl” to the kids in Beta Club, Kathy arranged for a field trip to the City Museum. How do I fit into this? Simple. She needed chaperones. So there wound up being 3 or 4 teachers, a couple parents, Jeff (my brother and Kathy’s husband), their two kids, and me along with 29 6th, 7th, and 8th graders on a school bus.

As always, the City Museum was a friggin’ blast. Naturally all the kids took off in 29 different directions to get away from us icky adults, so Jeff and I went and wandering the architectural exhibits- something we as parents don’t really get to see much of since the kids have no interest in that kind of thing, just as I had no interest in that kind of thing when I was their age. I told Jeff that I am apparently officially old- I’ve developed a fond appreciation for a lot of things that, had my parents wanted to see or do when I was a kid, I would have rolled my eyes and made the big overexaggerated “sigh groan”. Not unlike my kids do to me now.

Anyway, naturally we went outside to MontsroCity and took advantage of the beautiful day we had, as well as the awesome awesomeness of MonstroCity. Tell you what, my niece and nephew wore me out. I think they just might be harder for me to keep up with than my boys are, and that’s saying something. So we have lunch- I recommend the mushroom & Swiss burger; holy CRAP was it good- and most of the chaperones are tired, sore, stinky, crabby, etc., and like, most of the kids, like, are so, like, totally ready to, like, go do more stuff and stuff. But it was a great day weather-wise, it was a fun day in spite of some of the requisite drama that occurs with 14-year-olds, but we were all pretty wiped out by the time we hopped on the bus to come back at 3:00. We hit the Litchfield McDonalds (where damn near everybody I know stops when driving to and from St. Louis- really, whether one “needs” to or not) on the way, and arrived back at JMS right about 5:30.

Then I had to get all the way to Centennial Park by 6:00 for Ian’s baseball game. Certainly possible, but not necessarily simple at 5:30. To make things worse, I get a call from Dawn wanting to know where Ian’s bat bag is. I told her, “well duuhhhhh, it’s in my trunk”. I’d forgotten to take it out and put it in Dawn’s car before I left for Jefferson. So I wind up breaking roughly 17 traffic laws to make it to the park before the game started. Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have run the red light right behind the fire engine that had its lights and sirens on.

But I made it with about 8 minutes to spare. Ian’s Marlins played the Detroit Tigers. All our kids played pretty well- in fact, I thought both teams did a pretty good job- but in the end, the Tigers won 24-18. Mrs. Coach (our scorekeeper) told the kids it was a tie. Probably not a bad idea. I keep trying to tell them all that the score doesn’t matter as long as you have fun, but most of them don’t seem willing to buy it. Go figure.

Ian did pretty well again. I’m really impressed with how well he hits the ball, especially for not having ever played before this year. There was a base running issue in the first inning that I had to address with him and with ALL the kids. There were no outs, and if I remember right, Ian was on second, there was another kid on first, and the batter popped a ball up to the shortstop. Both Ian and the other kid took off running. The shortstop caught the ball, ran back and touched second to get Ian out, then instead of simply tagging the kid that was standing on second, ran all the way back ad touched first and got an unassisted triple play. So for the rest of the game, I kept telling each kid that made it to first to make sure the ball hits the ground before they start running. There were still a couple times I had to scream “COME BACK! COME BACK!” (made myself a tad hoarse by the end of the game), but they seemed like they were starting to pick up on that. They just get so excited when everything starts happening and everyone’s yelling. It’s so cute.

I was pretty much a walking zombie by the time I finally got home. I hopped in the shower, got Ian tucked in at 9:00 (Dawn’s folks wound up taking Adam for the night, so he wasn’t there), and wasn’t really able to fall asleep. I hate that feeling, when I’m so friggin’ exhausted that I can’t sleep. So I wound up finishing the really good book I’ve been reading (The Maze by Catherine Coulter; if you like thrillers, I strongly recommend it), and finally fell into the arms of Morpheus (old family expression) around 11:15 or so. Then proceeded to be wide awake at 2am. But at least I was able to go back to sleep within about 20 minutes or so. Woke up around 8 or so with that lovely sleep-hangover feeling, and here I am.

I hope I remember that Ian gets out of school at 2:30 today. School year’s winding down. I think they’re done next Wednesday. Second grade is just about in the books. Holy crap.

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