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Rammed by the Dodgers

June 25, 2008

Lost 23-13 last night to the Dodgers, so the high from the win Saturday was short-lived.

Almost wound up yanking Ian from the field early.  He hit a HARD line drive in the first inning, right into the second baseman’s glove.  He got about 4 steps from home plate and started crying and shouted “THAT’S NOT FAIR!!”.  Dawn yanked him behind the bench and BIG-time reamed him about the scene he made on the field and told him he had to apologize to me, his coach, and his team, and that if it happens again, not only will he be done for the game, but also the rest of the year and quite possibly for good.

I’m paraphrasing.  I didn’t hear the conversation, and I think I’m happy for that.

I think the apology part was worse for him than anything else.  Whatever she told him, it seemed to work.  He got a hit- barely- the next time up (I was right there coaching first, but it was so close I couldn’t tell whether Ian was actually safe or out, and we were quite a bit behind already, so the Dodgers coach was a little generous and said to let him be safe), and later scored, and then the next time after that, grounded out to the first baseman.  He growled a little bit but shook it off.  Either he decided “I’ll get ’em next time” or else, more likely, he summoned every bit of inner strength he had not to throw a fit so he wouldn’t suffer the embarrassment of getting yanked off the field and being forced to watch.

I am still extremely proud of how well he has done this year, especially for having never played before, and for having the issue with his hamstrings.  I just wish I could somehow convince him not to get so freakin’ pissed off at every little thing that doesn’t go the way he wants.  We’ve only got one more game left, this Saturday, so we’ll get through it (hopefully) and then the rest of the summer he and I can work on his fielding and hitting, so with any luck, next year he’ll have more ability and, God willing, more confidence and less pissy-ness.  I’d like to take him to the batting cages at Knight’s, but I don’t think he’s ready for them yet.  Even the slowest one pitches fairly fast for a seven-year-old.  I’ll just have to pitch to him in the mean time.  Only problem is, I can’t pitch.  If I ever wind up actually coaching a team instead of just sort of being a helper, it can’t be a coach-pitch team, or else we’ll be there all night waiting for me to get even one hittable pitch across the plate.

Hmmmmm… maybe we can work on that this summer too.

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