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I’m not usually a big fan of snakes…

May 21, 2009

…but for the next month and a half or so, I can make an exception.

Today FINALLY started the new baseball season.  It was supposed to have started last week- Ian had games last Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, but they all got rained out.  This week it has been very nice so far, so we got game #1 (actually game #4) in last night.

I should start out by saying that the three of you left from this time last year may remember that Ian played for the Florida Marlins in his coach-pitch league.  This year, for whatever reason, we became the Arizona Diamondbacks.  If nothing else, Ian and I will wind up with a nice little mini-collection of MLB-endorsed t-shirts and hats.  Anyway, this year, Ian’s cousin Quinn is on his team.  She’s strong and she’s fast.  I told Jeff he needs to get her on the track team when she gets into high school.

So last night we hosted the Cleveland Indians.  Quinn and Ian are partners in crime anyway, and I think they’re going to have the nickname “Gruesome Twosome” or something similar for the baseball season.  Quinn led off the bottom of the first with a legitimate base hit, something that made her daddy (and her coach uncle) extremely proud.  Ian was up next and reached base himself, and it basically became a carousel.  We ended up scoring 5 runs (the maximum) every inning.  The Indians started chipping away a little in the last couple innings, but the final score ended up Diamondbacks 25, Indians 13.

Ian was outstanding.  He got on base four times, scored three runs, made some pretty good defensive plays, including one that wound up getting wiped out because of a rule.  Ian was playing outfield, and the ball was hit toward the second baseman (where Ian usually plays, mind you).  The second baseman missed it, so Ian went for the ball, picked it up, and touched second base and got a force out.  But, the rule for our league states that outfielders MUST throw the ball in to an infielder, so the out didn’t count.  But it was no biggie.  I explained it to Ian after the game, and told him I did not know that rule existed.  (I really should read the rules…)  You may remember that Ian had some anger issues last year.  Well, granted it was only the first game, and granted everyone’s in a better mood when they’re winning, but he did very well with that.  We’ll see how it goes the first time he strikes out, throws a ball away, or the first time we’re on the wrong end of a lopsided game.

But bottom line, I was very proud of Ian, Quinn, and their teammates.  It’d be foolish to think we’re going to play that well every game- especially since we won the first game last year and finished 3-13- but it sure was nice getting that first win and giving the kids some confidence.

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  1. Marjorie permalink
    May 21, 2009 7:08 pm

    I taught them everything they know about baseball…that’s why they’re so good. :^)
    I’m hoping to get to their games as soon as I think I can walk on uneven ground without falling face first onto it.

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