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D’Backs Met their match

May 22, 2009

Sorry… just practicing for the “Write Headlines for the SJ-R Sports Section” contest.  No offense to anyone reading this who happens to work for the SJ-R- especially the sports desk- but come on… y’all really like your cheesy puns and wordplay, don’t you?!!

At any rate, that’s not the subject of this post.  But the lame pun in the title is a good lead-in to that which is the subject of this post.

We had another game last night, the second of 3 games in four days.  We’ve got three weeks like that; last week (all three were rained out), this week, and the first week of June.  Yeesh.  Any-hooze, last night we played the New York Mets.  Great game all the way around.  They were probably as closely matched with our abilities as any team we’ve played, this year or last, and it showed.  I knew it was going to be a tight one, considering each team scored their 5 runs in their respective halves of the first inning.  I said to Coach, “it may come down to the first team that doesn’t score five runs in an inning loses”.  It was pretty close to that.

Both teams essentially played pretty well.  Ian and Quinn both had good games, each going 3-for-3, each scoring at least two runs.  Ian made some good plays at 2B, Quinn was once again like a gazelle.  It’s really kind of impressive watching her run.  She has possibly the longest strides I’ve ever seen in a kid that young.  Easily the fastest on the team.  She sure as hell runs faster than her coach can…

Anyway, this neck-and-neck game finished a 20-20 tie, as we had about 5 minutes left in which we could have started the 6th inning, and both coaches agreed, “nah, let’s call it a tie”, so that’s where it ended.  It was a very good game* and I’m proud of our kids.  Next game tomorrow (Saturday) at 3:00.  Hopefully it won’t be TOO blazin’ hot.


* In the kids’-sports world, it’s not a big deal, but I gotta get this out of my system:  I hate ties.  Hate ’em.  Hate ’em with the fury of a thousand demons.  Absolutely can’t STAND it when games end in ties.  It’s one thing with soccer and hockey games, both of which often end in ties, because they’re not real sports to begin with.  But when a football game or a baseball game ends in a tie, it’s no longer a ‘game’, it can be considered no more than one of three things:  either a “practice”, an “exhibition”, or a “scrimmage”.  Or, in the case of Major League Baseball, they call it the All-Star Game.  But that’s a completely different “not a real game” discussion for another time.  If you’re not going to keep playing until there is a clear winner, then why did you bother?  But again, with 7- and 8-year-old kids, I can appreciate why games end in ties.  Still would rather there have been a winner, but hey, at least it wasn’t a loss, right?

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