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I’m sorry- um… what?!

July 13, 2010
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This past Sunday was a day not unlike most other Sundays when Dawn is working.  The kids watch a little TV, go outside and ride bikes and scream at each other and fight, I work on laundry, and then Ian has piano lessons at 4:30.

THIS particular Sunday was a little bit different.  A couple weeks ago, my brother Jeff got a new Prius and his wife Kathy got a new Highlander. I haven’t really seen the Highlander up close yet, but I’ve ridden in Jeff’s Prius. Not a bad little piece of machinery for being one of those tree-huggin’ cars, I must say. Only thing is, since we got both of our cars paid off about a month after I quit my job to become a SAHD, Dawn’s position has pretty much been that we are going to drive our cars until they fall apart around us.  Not only that, but she was also hoping that at least one of our already 8- and 9-model-year-old cars would last long enough to give to Ian when he turns 16 in 6 years.  I mean, she drives a Saturn VUE and I have an L200, but I still think that’s kind of a tall order.  Suffice it to say, Dawn likes the no car payment thing we’ve had going for a couple years now, so we aren’t getting new cars any time soon.

Or ARE we?

Dawn gets off work Sunday and comes and picks up Ian and takes him to piano lessons–again, like any other Sunday.  I’m futzing around doing… I d’no, whatever it was I was doing, when she calls me and says, and I quote,

Hey, come to Ian’s piano lesson. There’s a guy here who wants to buy your car.

[Insert title of post here as my reply]

I know, right?  Since it was already 4:45 and Ian’s lesson is over at 5:00, I am scrambling around getting shoes on Adam so we can go.  I mean, we live pretty close to Samuel Music, but still.  So I get there, and she’s there with this guy and I can tell within about four minutes of talking with him that he really, really wants my car.  So the first thing I tell him was, “You’ll have to forgive it being so dirty- I had no idea we were even selling this car, let alone actually showing it”, with extra emphasis on the “no idea we were even selling this car” in Dawn’s direction.

Regardless, dude really wants the car, and basically made an offer.  By the time it was said and done, they are apparently finalizing everything at Ian’s lesson this coming Sunday, with the actual transaction occurring when we return from vacation at the end of the month. It all happened so fast, my head was spinning.  So the next day, I spent the day cleaning my car out, vacuuming all the leaves and 7-year-old French fries out, throwing away all the empty Bug Juice bottles, removing all the accoutrements that personalized the car as “mine”, etc.  My car is very cold and sterile looking now.

So she gets home from work Monday, and she gets on the interwebs and compares a few different cars.  She had been debating whether she wanted something “eco” (-nomoical and/or -logically friendly) or something that had third-row seating, if not both.  Anyhow, Adam gets up from his self-imposed nap and we pack the boys up and head to the Toyota place.  Long story slightly shorter, they have a Prius we liked, we drove it, we bought it. As I was getting in to take the test drive, a woman came up to me and said, “No pressure, but if you don’t buy this car today, I’m going to”.  She was pretty cool, but that kinda honked me off a little that she was that friggin’ bold.  I even asked our salesman if she worked for them. That obviously wasn’t the reason we bought it, but the fact that we seemingly “bought it out from under her” gave me a sick sense of accomplishment.

Anyway, we are now the owners of a very sharp looking Prius.  It really IS a nice car.  I haven’t learned how it does what it does yet- the manual is a mere 616 pages (that’s six hundred and sixteen pages)- but I do plan to learn its intricacies. It’s a deep royal blue (Toyota calls it “Blue Ribbon Metallic”)- VERY sharp. So I am now driving the VUE, which was what I initially wanted all along when I got my L200 8 years ago.  Back then, I was leasing an S10, and I had been saying for months that when the lease ended, I wanted to get a VUE.  A few months before that happened, Dawn took her Kia in for repairs and came home with her VUE.  I felt kinda submarined, so I opted for my daddy car. I guess I got a VUE eventually, right?

Then after we left the Toyota dealer (about 3 hours later) we went to the AT&T store to pick up my iPhone 4 that Dawn had attempted to surprise me with by ordering.  I say “attempted” because she told the guy it was to be a surprise but AT&T still sent the customer service survey to me (my name is on the cell phone account) so that pretty well screwed that up.  So I’ve been giving Dawn all sorts of grief about “buying me off” with the iPhone in exchange for selling my car so she could get a new Prius.  Because that’s the type of asshole husband I am.

So she’s got a new toy to play with, I’ve got a new toy to play with, and I guess everyone’s happy.

We’ll see what happens when the VUE peters out…

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