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Meet #4

September 12, 2011

Okay, we all know Ian’s not going to break his best time every meet. He didn’t today- but he did today.

Today’s meet was at Lincoln Park, hosted by LMS. There were several schools there, including Grant, Washington, Jefferson, Little Flower, Springfield Christian, Christ the King, and perhaps one or two others. It was quite a bit warmer today than it was the last two meets, but there was at least a reasonably decent breeze. And it also wasn’t that oppressive 100˚ crap we had just a couple weeks ago.

Last night, as Ian and I (mostly Ian) were running around the neighborhood, I met up with him on his third lap around the block. He was walking, and said he “heard and felt a pop” in his stomach and now it hurts and he can’t run. Where he showed me it hurt, the first thing I thought was appendix, but he wouldn’t be able to even stand, let alone walk.

So we walk back home, and Dawn and I bombard him with questions and prod his abdomen. We decided his hip joint probably just popped a little, and also that he wasn’t properly hydrated. He took it easy the rest of the night, and said this morning that he felt better. Then at the meet today, while the girls were running, he said that his stomach was starting to bother him again, so I told him that if he needed to, to pace himself and save enough energy for the chute. Right before his race, I checked on him again and he said he felt fine again, but I reiterated the “pace yourself” speech.

His race started, and as he rounded the baseball field he looked like he was running fairly strong. I didn’t think he was running as fast as [I thought] he usually does, but he looked strong. So he comes around the back side of the ball field, heading into the woods, and he still looked strong, so I stopped worrying.

Um… as much.

A few minutes later, here comes the pack around the baseball field again and into the chute. Shortly after that, here comes Ian- again, looking strong- with a kid from a different school closing fast. My shouts of support changed quickly from, “Looking good, Ian!” and “Finish strong, Ian!” to “He’s catching up to you, Ian!!”, to which he responded by opening his eyes as wide as turkey platters (Coach O said, “I love the crazy eyes!”) and absolutely opening it up.

He wound up finishing with a 16:41, a fantastic time. Not as good as his personal best of 16:26 from Saturday, but he did beat his best time for that course (17:03). So he beat his best, but he didn’t. Either way, he ran a very good race. He finished 50th, out of around 100 kids in his race. I say “around 100” because I heard several numbers between 94 and 105. So he either finished just in the top half or just out of the top half, depending on how many kids were actually in the race.

Next race is Saturday, so you Twitterers and Facebookers that I force to read about his meets will have a few days’ respite. Saturday is an invitational flight meet in Franklin, IL. Probably won’t be nearly the amount of teams there that there were in Normal Saturday, but still should be fun.

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