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Franklin invitational meet

September 18, 2011

Yesterday was an invitational meet in Franklin, IL. Hence the post title.

There were [I’m guessing] in the neighborhood of 15-20 schools represented at this meet, including Grant, Glenwood, and St. Agnes/Blessed Sacrament from the Springfield area. It’s at a nice little community on the Franklin-Waverly Lake, tucked in just north of Rte. 104. I dropped Ian off at school around 7:15am or so and then headed out there. I think I was literally the first one there.

Anyway, yesterday’s meet was a flighted meet. What that means is that each team ranks their runners from 1-7, and all the #1-ranked runners race each other (separated by gender), all the #2-ranked runners race each other, etc. All other runners not ranked 1-7 race each other in what’s called the 8th Man (or 8th Girl) flight. As it turned out, Ian’s race (the 8th Man) was the very first race of the day.

Long and the short of it- I know it takes me a month to tell a seven-minute story- Ian finished fairly strong. He had a time of 17:02- not his best, but still a good time. He finished in 124th position, out of somewhere in the neighborhood of 250-300 runners (again, a guess- I was way off last time I hazarded a guess). He said he had trouble because in some parts of the course, the path is slanted, and he isn’t used to running on that type of terrain. No excuses, he said, and he was happy with his time, as was I.

We watched a couple other races, and then just as we were getting ready to leave, Coach O asked if I could stay to help her time the rest of the races, as they were starting about 10 minutes apart, and it was very hard for her to get the finish time of one and then make it to the start line for the next. So I was happy (nay, honored- I’m a dork) to help out. Ian wasn’t necessarily thrilled about staying until the last chicken was plucked, but I had him help me count the runners as they came in, so he was a little better about spending the better part of the day out there. At one point, Coach O came up to me at the finish line and said, “How we doin’, Coach?” I felt all giddy. She called me “Coach”!!

Shut up. I admit I’m a dork.

All I can say is that the Glenwood team must train like absolute beasts. A runner from Glenwood won every single flight of which I saw the finish, which was just about all of them. I don’t know if they ran the table, but it would not surprise me in the least. At any rate, Ian’s best time of 16:26 (which is extremely relative, considering not all courses are exactly the same length, let alone exactly 2 miles) still stands, so his next goal is to try to beat the 16:00 mark. I’m thinking of having him run with ankle weights on when he runs in the neighborhood so that, once he gets down to his normal time with the weights on, he should be able to shave several seconds off his time once he takes them off. He’s not real “into” the idea of running with ankle weights on, but I’ll try to see what I can do to convince him.

Next meet is this coming Thursday at Lincoln Park. His best time there is 16:47, so hopefully he’ll at least break that, if not his personal best of 16:26. I’m probably going to miss the next two meets. They’re on the next two Thursdays (Dawn’s day off), and since she has only gotten to see him run once, I’m going to send her to the meets and I’ll stay back to get Adam off the bus, and then try to see if I can zoom up to the park in time to catch the end of Ian’s race. So I’ll be reporting on those two meets likely second-hand. Anyway, since the next meet isn’t until Thursday, that’s another 4-5 days of respite for you readers, and then an entire week after that!!

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  1. September 18, 2011 9:49 am

    Awesome, Coach!

    • Johann permalink*
      September 18, 2011 9:55 am

      Shucks, thanks. *giggles*

      I genuinely got a kick out of getting to help out “officially”, especially that she asked me. True, I may have been the first parent she encountered, but still. Anyway, Ian and his teammates deserve the accolades, not a fill-in stopwatch jockey. 😉

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