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Meet #6

September 22, 2011

Today’s meet was at Lincoln Park. I wasn’t there for the beginning- and it killed me- but since Dawn’s only been to one meet so far, and I’ve been to all of them, I sent her and I picked up Adam at the bus stop and then broke several laws of the vehicle code did the best I could trying to get to the park to see Ian finish. Adam and I wound up getting there just shortly after his race started. We caught up with them as they rounded the ball field the second time, heading towards the woods and down the hill. Adam was so cute cheering for his brother.

Ah, if only they were so warm to each other the other 23:58 of the day.

Anyway, after the herd went past, we crossed the course and met up with Dawn, who was with Coach O at the finish line. My friend Kelly, who happens to be one of Ian’s assistant principals, was also there, so as we waited for the pack to start coming down the chute, we chatted about raising our kids, who has the ugliest running gait, and Nutella.

Mmmmm… Nutella.

Shortly, the kids started coming around the ball field that final time on the way to the finish line. I think the first kid finished in the 11:00 range, and every couple of seconds, another kid would cross- sometimes two or three would make the mad dash to see who would finish first and who would come dangerously close to impaling themselves on the rebar that marks the finish line. Hey, the final chute is only about two and a half feet wide, and it makes me nervous when two or three kids all try to finish at once. So a couple minutes later, I see Ian coming down the chute with a couple kids ahead and a couple kids behind, so we’re all cheering him to kick it in gear, which he did, and finished #65 (again, no idea how many kids were in his race, and no way to guesstimate since I wasn’t there to see the start) with a time of…


That’s right, another personal best, this time shaving 32 seconds of his previous best. He’s close to having shaved four minutes off of his qualifying time in a month. In this writer’s mind, that’s outstanding. And I think he’s starting to really get the taste of blood now- he said to me that he’s got to drop another [approximately] 1:30 off of his time to be able to go to sectionals, so it seems he’s really getting goal-oriented with this running thing. Soooooo, we’ll see what we’ll see in the couple weeks here before sectionals. Next meet is next Thursday. Talk to all y’all then!






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  1. SpringfieldZebra permalink
    September 23, 2011 7:36 am

    Congrats to Ian for again coming in with a new personal best!! I wanted to come to this meet, but with company at the house, I sorta forgot until it was too late. 😦 Hopefully next Thursday.

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