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Meet #7

September 30, 2011

Yesterday’s meet was a smaller meet at Lincoln Park. The schools represented were LMS, Franklin, Riverton, Athens, Christ the King, and Johns Hill, which, I’m told, is in (or near) Decatur.

My mom and dad attended this meet. With my dad being an official, he’s got football and/or baseball games just about every night, so he never has a chance to go. But yesterday, his game wasn’t until later in the evening, so he jumped at the chance to come see Ian run.

Only problem was, the bus from Decatur was late, so the start time of the meet got pushed back to 4:00 instead of 3:30. That was great for me, as Adam and I were able to arrive just after the girls’ race started. Bad for my dad, as he had to leave by 4:30 to get to his game, and as it turned out, that was minutes before the boys’ race started. Figures- the one chance he gets to go and the start time gets pushed back. Had the meet started on time, he likely would have gotten to see the end of Ian’s race.


Rewind to 2:30. I was in the shower, and Dawn got a call from Ian saying that he had hurt his back picking up the 87 lbs of school shizznit that he has to carry (backpack, binder, computer bag, trumpet case… poor kid looks like a Sherpa every day), and said that he didn’t know if he was going to run. Yikes- our first injury situation, and it didn’t happen on the course- or even while running period.

So Dawn gets to the park and finds Ian. She pumped him full of drugs She gave him an ibuprofen and some water and kind of rubbed his back a little. She never HeyTelled me saying he wasn’t running, so as soon as Adam got off the bus, we dashed up to the park. Ian found me and came up and gave me a hug (something I thought was very strange, considering that at his first meet he gave me the “Not in front of the guys” speech). I asked him how he was feeling and he said, “Better now.”

Apparently Dawn still has the Mother’s Touch™.

Anyway, Ian’s race gets going, and through much of the early going, he looked about like he always does, running well and in the front half of the middle of the pack, if that makes sense.

Around the ball field, into the woods, back up around the east side of the park, blah blah blah. Leaders start coming in, blah blah blah. Waiting for Ian to make his waydown the stretch into the chute, blah blah blah.

Hey, I’m not a writer; I only have so many ways of describing a race.

Soon, here comes Ian around the ball field, with a couple kids in front and a couple behind. He crossed the finish line with yet another personal best, this one bein 15:48 [by my stopwatch], another six [unofficial] seconds off his best time. He finished 50th (again, I have no idea how many kids ran, since the updated information is still not posted on Coach O’s web page, presumably because she was not at the meet), but I have been within a second of Ian’s official time at every race so far, so I’m going to go with 15:48 until I see any different.

Next meet is tomorrow afternoon, an invitational in Jacksonville. I read on the school website that the sectional team will consist of seven runners and three alternates. We learned at the beginning of the week that, coming into yesterday’s meet, Ian is ranked tenth on his team, so if he at least doesn’t fall any positions, he stands a fairly good chance of making the sectional team at least as an alternate.

Holy crapoli- my boy’s a runner. Who knew?! He sure doesn’t get that from me. I’m not questioning it, though- he’s good at it and enjoys it.

Oh- and did I mention he was chosen as one of the Students of the Month for September? #overflowingwithpride

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