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City meet

October 4, 2011

Okay, first of all… we were told that the Jacksonville course Saturday was roughly 1.8 miles, so I figured Ian’s finish time would have been about 16:12, had the course been a full two miles. Still, that’s a pretty good race time. I mean, I knew 14:35 was a little too far off his personal best for the course to be a full two miles. Coach said that Jacksonville doesn’t factor in to rankings and personal best times and what not.

Now that that has been cleared up… yesterday was the City XC meet. A very, VERY significant meet pitting Lincoln against Grant, Franklin, and Washington, with sectionals roster spots on the line. Ian went into the meet ranked 9th on his team. Dawn told him to run this race as though it were his last because, if he doesn’t make the sectionals roster, it would be. Jeez, honey… no pressure!

So Adam and I pulled up to the park right about the time the boys’ race was starting. We cheered on the guys as they came around the ball field, then as they came back around and headed towards the woods and down the hill. Adam and I found Dawn and went and staked claim at the finish line. In the mean time, I asked how the girls’ race went. Turns out Marissa, the 8th grade speedster and captain of Lincoln’s team, won the race. Carrie, my neighbor’s daughter, finished 19th.

Anyway, here come the boys, chugging down the stretch toward the chute and finish line. Ian comes toward us, and we’re cheering, and he says, “I started too fast!” as he went by us. Apparently he got a little too quick of a jump. But he said he still ran the whole way. He’s figured out that if he picks a kid ahead of him and at least stays with him, if not pass him, that helps him keep pace. He finished in 37th place (don’t know how many kids) with a time of 15:36, another personal best by about 12 seconds. Sweeeeeeet!

We stayed for the awards ceremony. They gave medals to the top 20 finishers in both races. In both the boys’ and the girls’ race, Franklin runners placed about 15 kids, so they naturally won the meet. But your Lincoln Magnet School Leopards took second place!!

Coach O said she would post the information, along with the sectionals roster, at some point in the evening last night. I finally got off the computer at 11:46pm and they still weren’t posted, so I left a note for Ian in his bathroom to check as soon as he got up, and that if it still wasn’t posted, to plan as though he made the sectionals roster so he’d be ready for practice in case he actually did make it. When I woke up this morning, I came in and checked and he still had the page up– he made the sectionals team as first alternate (ranked 8th on his team)!!! He said that Coach said yesterday that it’s been a while since the last time they haven’t used at least one alternate, for what that’s worth. And what that’s worth, I have no idea.

Whether or not he made sectionals, I am insanely proud of how he did, but even more so that he did make the sectionals roster. So he’ll practice with the “big boys” and the other two alternates this week and they’ll head to East St. Louis this Saturday for the sectionals meet. I’m already nervous for him, but I don’t dare tell him that. Other than fretting over a course being “too flat” to suit him, he doesn’t seem to really get the butterflies before a race, so I don’t want to be the one to give them to him.

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  1. October 4, 2011 10:40 am

    How awesome that he keeps improving, too! That’s gotta be great motivation.

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