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So what did YOU do this past week?

June 24, 2012

We returned home yesterday from our third annual week-long trip to Earthshine Mountain Lodge in North Carolina. We found the place two years ago doing a Google search, and we loved it so much the first time that it has become our yearly vacation destination, no matter where else we may or may not go- or even want to go- the rest of the year. Both of my kids like Earthshine more than they like Disney World. How’s THAT for a testimonial? And for the record, if any of you visit the website and decide to book a trip, mention that you heard about Earthshine from me and I’ll get a discount on my next trip. πŸ™‚

At any rate, here’s a short list of some of the things that occurred during our trip.

  • Totally ruined the License Plate game for the rest of you. We saw a Hawaii plate somewhere in Kentucky, bitches. *drops mic and walks off*
  • Ziplined twice.
  • Jumped off a platform attached 35 feet high to a tree and caught a trapeze bar 5 1/2 feet out. Twice. (I was attached to a harness at the time, but still.) Dawn and Ian both did this as well.
  • Tracked and found two turtles.
  • Had three squares a day. Absolutely scrumptious home-cooked meals. Chicken pot pie. Blueberry, blackberry, and chocolate chip pancakes. Barbecued chicken. Roast pork. Salmon Hollandaise. Roast turkey. French toast. Tacos. Et cetera.
  • Climbed to the top of a 32-foot climbing wall. Twice. And then watched Ian do it.
  • Held a rat snake and a ball python, and touched a live rattlesnake. Any of you that know me fairly well know that I don’t particularly dig snakes, so this was huge for me.
  • Went on a “dinosaur egg” hunt. Turned out to be a watermelon lodged in a tree, but all the kids enjoyed the hunt. It was delicious, by the way.
  • Witnessed two goats (Coco and Pebbles), totally whacked out on milk thistle- a plant that basically gets them “drunk”- head butt each other as well as things that only they could see, apparently.
  • Discovered that 7-year-old Adam has a massive crush on Jenny, one of the Earthshine staffers. Good choice- she’s adorable.
  • After climbing a tree, Ian learned that Sir Isaac Newton can be a bit of an asshole. Especially when someone below you yanks on your ankle and pulls you out of the tree. (He has several bruises and abrasions, but he’s okay.)
  • Made a candle. Forged an S-hook in a blacksmith shop. Pressed fresh apple cider.
  • Saw an almost completely white skunk. No spraying was involved, luckily.
  • Fed several critters to several other critters. Watching a king snake devour a copperhead was pretty friggin’ cool, as was watching the aforementioned rattlesnake eat two mice. Nature is awesome.
  • Heard a turkey gobble its final gobble.
  • Blew the doors off of a red convertible midlife something or other- in our Prius- on I-65 on the drive home.
  • Made some new friends and, most importantly, further solidified an already strong friendship with a couple of dear friends and their kids from suburban Atlanta, whom we met on our first trip to Earthshine and have been meeting there every year since.

So I’ll ask again: What did YOU do this past week?

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  1. Walter Whitehill permalink
    June 24, 2012 1:25 pm

    I took my new boat out fishing. Say numerous dolphins and a 6′ shark within feet of my boat. Caught some fish and had a great time with my neighbor. Not near your experience but then I am an amateur by comparison. Glad you had fun

    • Johann permalink*
      June 24, 2012 3:02 pm

      Sounds like a pretty comparable time by my standards. I’ve never seen dolphins- and especially sharks- in the ocean before. Maybe some day you’ll have to take me for a spin… πŸ˜‰

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