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Cross-country update

October 2, 2012

Okay, Ian has had four meets in the last week (last Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and then yesterday).

Tuesday was in Chatham against Glenwood Junior High. This is the team that trains like friggin’ beasts, and they have a running club in which the kids get together and just run. All. Year. Long. I’m SO hoping Ian’s coach moves forward with his plan to strongly urge the LMS/BC runners to do so. Anyway, the actual meet was out in the middle of this wildlife sanctuary in Chatham’s Deliverance section. Really weird course. Ian ran a 15:06 there. Naturally, he was pissed off about it, since he has twice tasted times in the fourteens, but I think it was pretty impressive considering what a goofy course it was, and it was wet, AND he’d never run it before. But could I convince him of that? Hell no.

Then Thursday was a meet at Lincoln Park, with just Lincoln, Franklin, and Johns Hill, which is apparently by Decatur. Ian ran a 14:33 at that meet- his third time under the fifteen minute mark this season. This kid never ceases to friggin’ impress the hell out of me.

Saturday was the Jacksonville Invitational. The high school kids run their 3-mile courses first, and then the middle schoolers do their 2-mile races in the afternoon. This was kind of a rough and tumble day for Lincoln Magnet/Ball Charter. In the 7th and under girls’ race, Sophia (a 5th grader on our team… a 5th grader!!) got knocked down and stepped on by about 6 girls in the mass convergence to a single line. It happened only about 40 yards from the starting line, so they stopped the race and brought everyone back. Coach and I checked on Sophie, and made her run a few steps to make sure she could go, and she said she wanted to run. I think her pride was hurt more than anything. She wound up finishing first for our team!!! I told her afterward that maybe we need to knock her down and get her run over more often. Apparently ticking her off is the trick! She didn’t seem to want to do that. Go figure. Anyway, in Ian’s race, he was moving right along, when he said the kid in front of him looked behind him (Ian wasn’t sure if the kid saw him or not), and then just stopped. Didn’t slow to a walk, he stopped. Ian and this kid smacked heads, and then as Ian stumbled, he got elbowed in the mouth by this kid. So that little altercation added a couple seconds to his time, but he wound up finishing with a 13:55. Now, before you all get TOO excited, understand that the Jacksonville course is not a full two miles. They swear it is, but it’s not. It can’t be. When nearly every kid out there- not just on our team- is beating their personal best by 1:00, 1:30, some more than 2:00… I’mma have to call ‘bullshit’ on that. I mean, it’s great for the confidence, I get that, but there’s just no way it an be a full two miles. Regardless, it was a good race and a good time for Ian. Other than that whole cracking skulls with the kid in front of him thing.

Then there is yesterday’s meet. The city meet. The big one. All 5 public middle schools vying for position for sectionals on Saturday. This was an amazing meet for me based on what happened beforehand, but I’ll cover that in a separate post. Franklin Middle School, naturally, won the meet, and took most of the Top 20 finisher medals in both boys and girls. There were four girls that got medals- one being Sophia, our little 5th grader. She is going to be tough as she gets older. We had one boy place for a medal, and another finished 21st (ouch!), and Ian set another personal best with a 14:25. Naturally, he doesn’t see that. The only thing he left with was the fact that two teammates passed him. He was worried about his placement on the team for sectionals, but considering he’s holding firm to the #3 spot, he really had nothing to worry about. Still… try to convince him of that.

All in all, ’twas a great week. And I hate that the season is almost over. Stay tuned…

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