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Hi there, I’m John.

I reside in Springfield, the beautiful capital of the great state of Illinois. April 2008 marks the 10th anniversary of marriage to my lovely bride Dawn. We have two beautiful boys, Ian (b. 8.15.2000) and Adam (b. 3.9.2005), and we also have a goofball golden retriever named Franklin, as well as about half a dozen fish.

I was most recently employed by the State of Illinois for just under 5 years; the last year of which working 3pm-11pm shift. When you’re married with children, that shift sucks. I saw my kids for roughly 30-45 minutes a day, not counting my “weekends” (Sunday and Monday). I was getting more and more fed up with missing family functions, school functions, holidays, etc., and just basically not seeing my wife and my boys nearly enough.

One day, Dawn and I finally started seriously discussing the feasability of my staying home. Being the smart one of the two of us- thankfully- she started going over the finances and crunching numbers and writing up a new budget and came to the realization that we could actually do this. So I quit a really good, well-paying state job to become a full-time Stay at Home Dad.

Stupid, you say? Nah.

That’s where this blog comes in. Becoming a full-time Daddy (Stay Home Dad, unemployed, whatever you choose to call it) is profoundly exciting and insanely frightening at the same time. As things progress in Daddy-dom, I’ll be documenting them here, if for no other reason than as an outlet for creativity (or perhaps frustration).

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  1. May 9, 2013 1:32 pm

    I wish that I could of been lucky enough to be a stay at home mommie. Be very thankful that you are lucky enough to be able to do this and have a wife that is so supportive and knows how bad it was killing you to not be home.Be thankful that you have a wife that is smart enough with numbers to make it work. I know its hard work but with love, laughter and communication you are making it work.

    • Johann permalink*
      May 9, 2013 3:29 pm

      Trust me, I know how extremely fortunate I am. 🙂

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